How To install a oil catch can

HOW TO INSTALL A OIL CATCH CAN Modern cars have to be conform with emission regulations. When an engine operates it creates a little bit of pressure, you dont want this pressure building up inside of the engine. So what they do is take this pressure and feed it trough the air intake, back into …

August 27, 2019
Roadtrip Croatia 2018

Roadtrip Croatia 2018 What started as wild idea in the bar on a casual wednesday evening, quickly became a real thing. Campspots got googled, ferry prices were emailed, and city’s were picked… At the time I did not have my van yet so original plans were to drive along with a friend. That quickly changed …

May 11, 2019
Building my roofrack

Nomad Vanz The vans that these guys build are just insane, I literally would give a kidney to get one of those 😛 Now they recently saw a post they made on instagram (as of writing), and I just fell in love with the roofrack that they used…

May 9, 2019
Getting started with solar power

Let’s do some math! One of my top priorities is solar. As I am a bit of a geek, I want to be able to power all of my gadgets. Top priority is my camera, and my drone. Both need 230V… challenge, more on that later. Solar panels have been big in the van community for a long …

May 9, 2019
New wheels

New wheels  One of the first things I wanted on the van were new tires, always seeing these cool ass-looking 4×4 2016 sprinters got me hyped. Initially the plan was to upgrade the tires at the end of the year, but due to some circumstances i already went ahead with the plan of replacing the tires. 

May 9, 2019
The van

The Van Let me give you some speccs. The van I bought is a 2012 l2h2 Mercedes-Benz sprinter generation 2 (906), it has 104K kilometers which isnt that much for a vehicle this wel known, it is actually a pretty low mileage.

May 7, 2019