Welcome on my blog! This part is in English and shows some of my VanLife stories.

New wheels

New wheels  One of the first things I wanted on the van were new tires, always seeing these cool ass-looking 4×4 2016 sprinters got me hyped. Initially the plan was to upgrade the tires at the end of the year, but due to some circumstances i already went ahead with the plan of replacing the tires. 

May 9, 2019
The van

The Van Let me give you some speccs. The van I bought is a 2012 l2h2 Mercedes-Benz sprinter generation 2 (906), it has 104K kilometers which isnt that much for a vehicle this wel known, it is actually a pretty low mileage.

May 7, 2019
Hello world!

Hello world! I finally “cut the knot” as we say in belgium, i finally decided which van i wanted to buy and that was a 2012 Mercedes Sprinter with 104K kilometers on the clock.

March 24, 2019