Netherlands weekend trip

March 8, 2020

Netherlands weekend trip

This is going to be one of the first trips of 2019, quite late for a first trip am i right? Me and jurian have some spots in mind, both normal spots aswell as dronespots. Our first stop is Is the Jumbo cause we hungry boys. Plans for food are hamburgers with potatoes. Off to the next stop! Vrouwenpolder. This is a beach where lots of kitesurfers are active. Pretty cool sight because at one time i was a kiteboarder aswel! I just stayed on the land with wheels.

Got the hang of it again and might save up for a new kite one day. Probably next year cause betty is costing me hella lot of diesel. We did not stay for very long because our next stop is waiting! This is just a spot to take some pictures of the van, when we planned the trip we tought it looked cool, and it was not far from our route. It’s a dam with windmills on top, which give a cool image with betty.

And the exteriour is finally done so it is time to take some Instagram pictures! On to the next stop! The next stop is quite the drive so we stopped halfway there, cooked our burgers and continued our drive. Choosing a fancier gas coocker paid of, its so much more easier to cook food than what i did before with the portable cooker. I mean just look at it 😀

This is just pure glamping am i right! Sweet way to end the first day. The second day me and Jurian went to the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen. Which is a nature reserve that holds lots of animals, some of em where foxes (which we sadly did not see). We did see a lot of deer! They weren’t particulary shy but we still had to be quite to not spook them. Entrance is just a couple of euro’s and grants you access to the full domain, it is basicly a small donation that helps to maintain it. If you want to explore the full domain be sure to prepare, it is pretty big! We were in there for a couple of hours and just explored a small portion of it.

Amazing right! One of my favourite spots from now on. So peacefull… I really went full zen mode. At around 2 o-clock we decided to head over to the next spot, next spot is again couple hours driving so its just exploring time and photos the next day.

The final spot is a really unique spot. Netherlands is known for its dams, canals, houses on the water. This one is even more special. The way the houses are build on the patches of land and the image its makes from above is just… wow! Because of the tall trees we had some difficulties flying the drone bit we still managed to take some sweet shots.

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