The van

May 7, 2019

The Van

Let me give you some speccs.

The van I bought is a 2012 l2h2 Mercedes-Benz sprinter generation 2 (906), it has 104K kilometers which isnt that much for a vehicle this wel known, it is actually a pretty low mileage.A 2148cc engine is installed, I purposely have choosen for a smaller engine, originally I wanted to go for the 3000cc variant but after some considering it was better to go with the smaller version because insurance was pretty high on the bigger engine. As of size I went with the l2h2 version and there is a good reason for that. Originally i was going with the l3h2 which is a longer version but the same height. As i was thinking ahead and keeping in mind that in the near future i probably will visit ireland or finland etc etc… I found out that when you pass a certain vehicle length, you automaticly pay much more for transport like ferry’s or long distance vehicle trains. Which was a price that i could not affort, so an easy choice and i went with the shorter version. It wil be a little cosier but thats not a bad thing!


The top one is the version i bought, its a lot shorter as you can see, the thing is my drivers license only allows me to drive vehicles up te 3.5ton, if i bought a longer version i can bring more stuff with me… which means i would reach that 3.5t number a lot faster. Now with the shorter one i cannot bring so much stuff so i have to use my available space as efficient as possible. The thing i love the most about my van is that it has cruise control 😀 that was something i definetly needed, as i wil be planning trips all over the place, a cruise control will come in handy. Sadly it doesnt have bluetooth 🙁 but thats not a problem because i was going to replace the radio with a newer one. I am replacing the radio with one that has a bigger screen and support for a rear parking camera (does cone in handy sometimes). 3 seats … I found a lot of vans with just 2 seats … Which were in perfect condition but i really wanted a van with 3, a roadtrip with 3 friends is a lot more fun. And if i only had 2 seats that wasnt possible.