Roadtrip Croatia 2018

May 11, 2019

Roadtrip Croatia 2018

What started as wild idea in the bar on a casual wednesday evening, quickly became a real thing. Campspots got googled, ferry prices were emailed, and city’s were picked… At the time I did not have my van yet so original plans were to drive along with a friend. That quickly changed because as you guy’s know, in february I bought my van. The months leading up to this roadtrip were so stressfull. I did not have a bed yet, is the battery going to be strong enough, will my solarpanel stick on the van when I’m on the highway… 

The trip

We decided to make it a 10 day trip including the drive towards Croatia, Rovinj wil be the first stop of our trip which is about 1400 km so we split that drive in half, stopping for some sleep in Austria. First thing to do when we arrived in Rovinj the next day was look for a camping spot, Rovinj is quite a touristic spot. Everywhere along the coast line you will find these family holliday resorts. Quite nice but not the spot for 10 people in their mid 20’s that like to play some music and drink some beers 😀 the search continues until we found a small campsite just outside the tourist hotspots but still pretty close to the beach.

This campsite is called val vidal.The price of this camping was relatively cheap, unlike the other family holliday campings. We just needed the basic stuff, a toilet and a shower. The owner is the best, he was kind and friendly, he even told us some good locations to visit on our trip. If you are traveling to Rovinj definetly go have a look at this campsite!

Rovinj is know for its colorful houses on the edge of the city, there are many things to visit. One of the things is the old town. The center of the town is riddled with different local shops and souveniers. The old town is a wonderfull place to just stroll around. During the evening music sounds from all the streets.

Our next stop was Pula, we only stayed there for one night. Pula is the most famous for its Rome like colloseum. Entry is quite cheap but there is not that much to see. Its pretty amazing to walk around is some of the underground corridoors.

We decided to take a shortcut towards krk. Our plan is to travel towards velebit where we will do some offroading tracks. Taking the ferry in Brestova will take a big chunk off our trip. We will have to take the ferry twice to reach krk. Tickets for the ferry are reasonable priced, a single trip costs about 20 euro per vehicle and about 5 euro per person. The trip takes about 30 minutes and is a good time to enjoy the nature.

Our campspot in krk is a oliveyard. The owner grows olives during the year and rents out the space thats not occupied to travelers. we even got to choose our spot! awesome! We choose a spot that had an awesome view on the valley.

Next day was offroading day! we choose a route that is well know in the offroad community, we made sure that we were allowed to drive on the route because the route crosses trough a national park. You are allowed there but just keep it clean and responsible. It’s a trip of about 60 kilometers that wil take about 2 hours. We stopped casually to stake some pictures and have some drinks to enjoy the nature.

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