New wheels

May 9, 2019

New wheels 

One of the first things I wanted on the van were new tires, always seeing these cool ass-looking 4×4 2016 sprinters got me hyped. Initially the plan was to upgrade the tires at the end of the year, but due to some circumstances i already went ahead with the plan of replacing the tires. 

The first problem I had with the original tires was age, they started to wear out and became unbalanced. There is this thing that occurs when a tire gets unbalanced and that is vibrating. When I was driving on the highway, going faster than 100km/h my steering wheel started to shake and vibrate, to the point that it started to hurt in your wrists after a while. Some talking with friends and a couple of mechanics pointed out that it were just the tires getting worn out (luckily).


The second problem: I did not have a spare tire for the van and I really needed one for our next (and first with the van) road trip, the road trip will be around 5000km total. Which is not a small amount of kilometers without a spare tire. So I bit the bullet and ordered 5 BfGoodrich K02 245/75/R16 at once 😀 a big investment but totally worth it. I was really satisfied with the speed of delivery of our tire guy Jelle (from banden jelle), they were delivered in about 3 days. And placed on the 4th day (last Saturday). 

On Friday I got a message from one of my best friends saying “yea dude your tires were delivered, but they’re the wrong size, they are 17inch and you need 16inch” this friend has the reputation of trying to fool me for quit awhile so I was a bit skeptic, carefully inspecting the picture he sent me of one of the tires on which I could barely read r16. So yeah I got excited really fast when I saw that number knowing he was trying to fool me, had a laugh and discussed a time when we could come over and place the tires(the next day, Saturday). 

Placing day 

Saturday at noon was the time we had arranged, in the meanwhile I had ordered a new rim for the spare tire. First get these old suckers off, lift the van off its wheels which looked like this: 

A really funny sight, the van with no wheels. First job is deflating the old tires, pulling them of the rim and putting the new ones back on. This process is done with a special tool that puts force on the side of the tire to push it onto the rim. These 245/75/16 tires are the maximum size that you can fit underneath a non modified version of a sprinter. With non modified I mean the van is not raised with a lift kit and fitted with other springs and suspension. Something to not is that the tires are bigger than the standard ones. Having the Bf’s give you about 3cm more ground clearance, which means the van raises 3cm by just changing tires. 

Does she look awesome or what 😍 a mandatory vape-nash: 

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