Hello world!

March 24, 2019

Hello world!

I finally “cut the knot” as we say in belgium, i finally decided which van i wanted to buy and that was a 2012 Mercedes Sprinter with 104K kilometers on the clock. I bought the van in the netherlands, which ment i had to go trough a lot of paperwork to get it in belgium. I tought i was kinda prepared but oh boi i was never so wrong. Paper here, vignet there, sign here, sign there. 

But after three weeks of constantly calling around the day was finally there.. YAY! march 17 pickup day, i asked my friends massimo and wout to pick up the van with me. To make thing better it was snowing, so traffic was insane. I signed the last papers, recieved the keys and off we were. Look how happy i am. 

The drive home went much faster, treated my boys with some Mcdonalds because all the help they gave me in the weeks leading up to pickup day. So all thats left now is getting it trough inspection, file some more paperwork and request my numberplates wich is currently in the works. If all goes well i should get the plates within the next 2 to 3 days. After that i have to go trough inspection one last time where they just weigh and mesure the vehicele.

The Design

I have the design figured out in my head but now that the van is home, it’s going to be much more easier because now I can measure and sketch to the exact dimensions of the van. Some things i need to fit inside will be: a matrass, gas cooker, sink, a clean water and grey water tank, batteries for the solar panels, and other electric stuff, waterpump etc etc..