Building my roofrack

May 9, 2019

Nomad Vanz

The vans that these guys build are just insane, I literally would give a kidney to get one of those 😛 Now they recently saw a post they made on instagram (as of writing), and I just fell in love with the roofrack that they used… So I started googling… sadly the manufacturer of the roofrack does not deliver in Europe so I will not be able to get this roofrack.

So a different option I started looking for is a roofrack build by frontrunner. These are modular roofracks that have like 1001 different accesories. From jerrycan holders to these big round hooks. So lets buy it shall we? no… the price of this rack is 1600euro including taxes. Waaaay to much for my budget. The ideal option then is to look on the second hand market. These racks wont be in the best condition but hey nothing a little elbowgrease and some sanding paper cant fix 😉 . Let the hunt begin!! I quickly found an advertisement for a L3H2 crafter from 2008. 

As you may know by now the Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter were from 2006 to 2017 for 99% identical. So knowing this i would know this rack would fit on my Sprinter. I send the guy an offer and he accepted 😀 jayyyy. Now my van is an l2 and the rack l3 so some modifications have to be done. Lets start by measuring how long it has to be and cut it to size. I measured the distance between the pre-drilled holes in the roof and matched that difference to the rack. 

Easy peasy! Now I need to weld the end pieces that connect the two halves together to the new shortend piece. I do not have a welding machine of myself, luckily some friends of mine do. 

This is the part that needs to be welded. We are preparing the part with a cutting disk. Welding time!

This is like the second time in my whole life that I tried to weld, and to be fair I think I did allright 😀 and it fits quite nice. All of the holes aligned perfectly with the roof so I think I can say that this project was a big success and I save around 700 euro! 

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